March 2013 – Biodynamic Composting with Jack McAndrew

Our March potluck dinner meeting took place at my home in Sierra Madre.  With about 25 guests in attendance, we learned how to make biodynamic compost from local expert Jack McAndrew.  Jack was formally introduced by one of his students and protégés, fellow WAPF member, Susan Hardman.  Susan gave us some helpful background information during a brief slide show about the history of biodynamic composting in the tradition of philosopher and Waldorf School founder, Rudolph Steiner.  Another one of Jack’s protégés, Stefan Hagopian of Skyline Organic Farms shared some of his fine wines grown in Topanga using this esteemed agricultural tradition.  Steven Wynbrandt, a third biodynamic gardener known for his urban farm in LA attended the meeting as well.

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February 2013 – Eastern European Night


Last night’s potluck dinner brought together some traditional Eastern European favorites, including 2 types of goulash with a variety of meats, veggies, herbs and spices, buckwheat kasha with butter, cool crispy sauerkraut, freshly-roasted and fermented red beet and sour cream salad, hardboiled eggs stuffed with dill-mayonnaise yolks topped with salmon roe, rice pudding of raw milk and cultured cream, chilled homemade rhubarb-and-raw-honey tea, and of course some vodka!    We all enjoyed dining in good company to the sounds of some playful retro Russian music.  Then everyone took turns sharing anecdotes about Eastern European culinary traditions. Continue reading