WAPF Pasadena Goes to Koreatown


Our Koreatown Tour Leader Jaye Park

On Sunday, April 28th, 10 of us met in Koreatown for an insider’s view of where to get the cleanest and most nutrient-dense traditional Korean food.  Escorted by fellow member Jaye Park, our first stop was Greenlife+, a small Korean market specializing in traditional Korean foods, beverages, and condiments.  We spent over an hour there, touring the market with Jaye, business owner Andrew Cho, and sales manager Young H Lim.

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April 2013 – American Meat & Our Chapter’s 3rd Anniversary of Meetings

Theresa Cardinali & Karen Voelkening-Behegan showing off
Terry’s 3rd Anniversary cake for the Pasadena Chapter of the
Weston A. Price Foundation.

With 15-20 people in attendance, we all enjoyed another tasty meal in true potluck style.  This time the selections comprised mostly cold foods including a variety of salads, some sauerkraut, raw cheeses and meats, and some fresh fruit. 

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