May 2013 – Intro to Our Chapter and the Work of Dr. Weston A. Price with Sam Cooper

Sam Cooper, Urban Forager


Our May potluck dinner meeting included plenty of homemade entrées and side dishes, all made from organic or home-grown ingredients.  With over 20 in the crowd and about 6 “newbies” among us, we introduced ourselves over dinner and told how we found the Weston A. Price Foundation.  Common threads were our health concerns and everyone’s improvements since adopting a traditional diet.  After a friendly and relaxed dinner on the patio under a canopy of trees, we moved upstairs for a slide show presented by fellow member, Sam Cooper.

Sam gave a lively presentation based on Sally Fallon’s introduction to traditional diets and the work of Weston A. Price. Incorporating his own experiences, he did a great job condensing Sally’s all-day talk to 1.5 hours, presenting with both passion and humor.  It was a perfect night for beginners to get an introduction to nutritional and health aspects of selecting and preparing food in a traditional manner.  Favorite topics included healthy fats, fat-soluble vitamins, sprouted nuts, seeds, and grains, raw and fermented foods, grass-fed and wild meats complete with organ meats, and plenty of pastured dairy, both raw and cultured.   We also reflected on the damages to our health caused by the highly processed and denatured Standard American Diet (SAD) with nutrient-poor foods, chemical additives, and improper preparation techniques.  Sam’s personal experiences also highlighted the dangers of MSG, and how he was able to achieve a much healthier weight after he dropped processed foods and adopted traditional ones.  Sam’s take-home message:  Don’t be a food evangelist, just shoot for a ratio of 80 percent to 20 percent traditional foods to nontraditional foods, and you’ll see a huge improvement to your overall health!
Thank you, Sam, for taking ownership of Sally’s presentation and bringing to life the valuable messages of Weston A. Price.  As one inspired participant put it, “I like real good food that’s good and real!”  
Best wishes to Sam as he moves back to Arkansas with plans to start another chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation.  With his experience, enthusiasm, and great presentation, he’s sure to be an excellent leader.
Don’t forget to mark your calendar for our next potluck dinner meeting on Thursday June 27th, when we’ll learn all about Kombucha with Kombucha Mamma, Hannah Crum.
~ Your Chapter Leader, Karen


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