November 2013 – International Wise Traditions Conference Review

A small group of energetic souls braved a cold dark rainy evening in the canyon to attend our November potluck dinner meeting.  I missed the dinner portion myself, but when I arrived, about 8 people were gathered at the table listening intently to stories from the 2013 Wise Traditions conference told by fellow member Rolf Hastrup.

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October 2013 – Introduction to Organ Meats, Their Health Benefits & Preparation Methods

Tuesday night’s meeting brought 25 participants and a vast array of hearty winter soups, stews, sauces, and accompaniments.  Unlike our summer meals which tend to favor side dishes, salads, and cold foods, this repast was a literal banquet of warm dishes and entrees, many containing delightfully prepared organ meats.  The sides included fresh garden kale, sauerkraut, homemade gluten-free mini-muffins, and even a tasty gluten-fee lemon custard pie. Continue reading