December 2013 – Holiday Gathering with the West LA-Santa Monica Chapter

Pasadena Chapter Members Dustin Emmons, Janet Freund, 
Aaron Zober
Every December potluck since the Pasadena Weston A. Price Chapter started in 2010 has been an end of the year celebration.  For the 2013 holiday celebration, the Pasadena Chapter joined together with the West Los Angeles/Santa Monica Chapter for what was the first joint event of the two prolific groups. 

The event was held at the 8 Espressos Coffeehouse in West LA, which is the regular meeting place for the Westside chapter.  The potluck was filled with lots of great treats to close out the year, including bison kidney, raw milk latte, turkey bone broth, gelatin fruit snacks, homemade sourdough bread, and grass fed chili meat.
West LA Chapter Co-Leader/Founder Victoria Bloch

For the West LA Chapter, this was also their first event since the Wise Traditions Conference in Atlanta last November.  Chapter co-leader/founder Victoria Bloch gave a detailed recap of the recent conference.  Victoria has been to most of the conferences and said this one ranked as one of the best.  She talked about everything from the Farm-to-Consumer debate with Joe and Joel to the speakers to of course, the food served at the meals. 

Along with Victoria speaking about the highlights of the conference, three other West LA chapter members came up and spoke about their experiences at the conference all from very different perspectives. 
Wise Traditions Conferences Attendees Alison Cohn, Melissa Henig,
and Hannah Crum
Alison Cohn talked about how this was her first conference as she had recently discovered WAPF.  Raw Food Stylist Founder Melissa Henig has gone to a couple conferences now and spoke about how she finds the conferences beneficial in being a WAPF member and a primal dieter.  Lastly, Kombucha Kamp founder Hannah Crum spoke about her experience not only attending several of the conferences, but also now being a speaker and exhibitor at Wise Traditions.  All three of the ladies great points of view of the conference that supplemented what Victoria had to say.
The joint event between the Pasadena and West LA Weston A. Price Chapters was a success.  In the new year, the two chapters are looking at doing more events together.  Stay tuned for more  information about what these events will be. Also, please join us for our first potluck of 2014.  We kick off the new year, back at our usual location of the Nature Friends Clubhouse in Sierra Madre on Tuesday January 28 as osteopath Dr. Yoshi Rahm speaks about nutrition and health from a doctor’s perspective.  

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