July 2014 – Real Food on a Budget with Ann Marie Michaels

Weston A Price Foundation Pasadena Chapter July 2014 Meeting Ann Marie Michaels Real Food on a Budget

Ann Marie Michaels helps her daughter choose from our delicious potluck options.

Ann Marie Michaels of VillageGreenNetwork.com visited us on Tuesday, July 29, to talk about Real Food on a Budget. Her advice was so good that we fought off sleep to keep the poor lady there quite late.

A major lesson learned is that watching your budget is not just about cash. For one thing, time is money. Do you know your hourly rate? Start applying that to the work you do to nourish your family, too, and you’ll see that spending a lot of time to save a few dollars doesn’t make financial sense. Plus, if you’re always short on time, you’re much more likely to burn out on real food. Conserving your mental energy is what will keep you happy, healthy, and on track. Continue reading