December 2014 – Review of the 15th International Wise Traditions Conference


WAPF Pasadena members and friends gather for our last meeting of 2014.

The 2014 International Wise Traditions Conference held in Indianapolis, Indiana was a unique opportunity to see the Weston A. Price Foundation in action. The theme this year was “Focus on Food.” As in previous years, the conference featured delicious real food, amazing exhibitors, and an all-star speaker lineup including Sally Fallon Morrell, Chris Masterjohn, and Natasha Campbell-McBride. Pasadena co-chapter leaders Chanlee Sutoyo and Joy de los Santos-Farrar had the opportunity to attend and this is their experience… (To view the full slideshow of our conference review, click here.)


From the moment we landed in Indianapolis we felt that our first WAPF Wise Traditions Conference would be filled with new experiences, starting off with becoming fast friends with a couple of Southern California Chapter Leaders, Victoria Bloch from West Los Angeles and Angie Karlan from Redondo Beach.


Left to right: Victoria Bloch, Kathy Kramer, Sally Fallon Morell, Chanlee Sutoyo, and Joy de los Santos-Farrar.

The conference started off with the Chapter Leader Meeting headed by Sally Fallon Morell. It was so exciting to learn that there are nearly 600 WAPF Chapter Leaders and nearly 15,000 members worldwide. The message is spreading through the work of all these amazing WAPF advocates. We learned about new developments including a restaurant rating system, a new WAPF mobile app Find Real Food, and the first WAPF restaurant, Woods Hill Table, currently slated to open January 2015 in West Concord, MA.


The vanilla bone marrow custard was absolutely scrumptious!!! Who knew that eating nutrient-dense foods could be so satisfying?


Throughout the Wise Traditions Conference, there were so many interesting people to talk to and share stories with. The experience of meeting such knowledgeable and purposeful people was empowering and inspiring.


Entree from Thursday evening’s “Full Moon Feast on the Prairie” Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) fundraising dinner: grassfed beef stew with cauliflower date medley and sweet potatoes. So many people who are crusading for the real food lifestyle and the ability to source raw milk are protected by the work and advocacy of this reputable organization. FTCLDF is the Weston A. Price Foundation’s sister organization, so we encourage you to support them by making a donation or becoming a member.


Luxurious alpaca accessories from Villa de Alpacas Farm. This was a favorite vendor as they are from Chanlee’s home state of Maryland.


Snack time at the Epic Bar booth as they unveiled their latest creation, the Beef Liver Bar, a filling source of protein and healthy fats for those on the go and the perfect bite to tide you over between seminars during the conference.


Fermented local vegetables from The Brinery. It was great to meet some inspirational entrepreneurial folks that were passionate about their ferments and sauces. Having these items to dress up your nutrient-dense eating makes everything just that much more delicious.


Lunch buffet of roasted turkey and all the trimmings, including fermented cranberries and a generous dollop of ghee! Not one moment did we go hungry during this week.


What is the latest book that Kaayla Daniel is signing for eager WAPF members? Nourishing Broth, of course! Check out this video of Kaayla Daniel’s talk on all the health benefits that adding broth to your diet can bring to improve your overall health and immunity.


One of the most popular talks of the whole conference weekend was by Donna Wild as she expounded on her well-researched book, The Skin, Tongue and Nails Speak: Observational Signs of Nutritional Deficiencies.


At the Saturday night banquet, the keynote speaker, Denise Minger, author of Death by Food Pyramid, was exceptional in her testimonial for WAPF-style, nutrient-dense eating. As a former vegan, her story was poignant and genuine.


The entree from Saturday’s banquet was grassfed beef and organ mix meatloaf wrapped in pastured bacon with organic potatoes and vegetables.


We finished off the dinner with a dessert of berries with luxurious fresh cream and maple syrup swirl.


The kitchen staff at the JW Marriott who prepared the food according to WAPF principles. They were said to have been pleased to be part of this conference as their kitchens had never smelled so good. It must have been all the great food cooked in the grassfed butter and ghee. We may have some new WAPF members joining from this bunch!


The conference experience was capped off on the last morning with a hometown food truck experience from Indianapolis’s own Caveman Truck. Breakfast consisted of pastured poached egg on sweet potato hash.


A Wise Traditions Conference would not be complete without a stop at… BUTTERWORLD. This is a collection of butter implements, books and bottles throughout history, along with some old timey advertisements for butter and, of course, cod liver oil. Nice collection, Sandeep Agarwal of Pure Indian Foods!


A Butterworld visual of the major shift in mainstream media’s perception of saturated fats. It started in 1961 with Ancel Keys’ Lipid Hypothesis that demonized cholesterol and saturated fats as the cause of heart disease. This was followed up by the continuation of this limited thinking with the 1984 Time Magazine cover that was fearful of butter and eggs and further forced us down the road of low-fat eating. But at last in 2014 butter is vindicated as scientists admit they were wrong about saturated fats and they do not cause heart disease after all. Ahh, how times have changed.


Colorful display of butter boxes illustrate how America was once a country of butter eaters.


Chanlee after her first Wise Traditions Conference bringing home all the treasures she discovered, including goodies from:

To view the full slideshow of our conference review, click here.

Looking forward to the 16th International Wise Traditions Conference to be held in Anaheim CA in November 2015. Let’s make a strong showing as a local chapter!

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