November 2014 – “GMO OMG” Film & Food Night with Urban Homestead


Dr. Rosann Volmert (center) catching up with fellow WAPF Pasadena member Beth Kerrick before the potluck begins.


WAPF Pasadena members and friends are excited to visit the Urban Homestead and see this wonderful Pasadena resource for nutrient-dense offerings and farmstand produce.


Joy de los Santos-Farrar welcoming everyone to our first WAPF Pasadena and Urban Homestead event as community partners. It was a great mix of active local members from both groups.


One of the star dishes of the night was from Real Food Lifestyles owner, Suzanne Peters—her amazing Gluten-Free/Grain-Free Pineapple Upside Down Cake (left).


It was a great evening of sharing and camaraderie with old and new friends.


The film GMO OMG hit some salient points about the state of our broken food system where we can no longer accept that the food we eat or seemingly grow naturally is real food that provides real nutrition. Eye opening…


Karen Voelkening-Behegan, the founding chapter leader of WAPF Pasadena, sharing her knowledge of GMOs and what we can do to avoid them in our food.


Jules Dervaes, the Urban Homestead patriarch, had some poignant thoughts after viewing the movie, GMO OMG. One of the key moments for him in the film was the defiance against Monsanto by the Haitian people to the point of burning seeds. They went to that extreme to prove that human beings are not test subjects for chemical experimentation. Jules is a passionate advocate for a true and natural food system that is sustainable and organic. We need to wake up to what is happening and take control of our food system. We must not mindlessly accept what is being handed to us, for the sake of future generations.


Movies that can further educate about the dangers of GMOs include: Genetic Roulette and The GMO Trilogy: Unnatural Selection, Hidden Dangers in Kids’ Meals, and You’re Eating WHAT?


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