January 2015 – “Bring a Friend & Share Your Story” Welcome Night


Our first meeting of 2015 was a wonderful opportunity to gather with old friends and make new ones. Here is a gorgeous Kodak moment with our winners showing off their delicious and healthy prizes from local providers in our community: Our Little Market, ENJOY! Grain Free Products, and Urban Homestead.


The Weston A. Price Foundation (Pasadena, CA Chapter) seeks to provide quality nutrition education and resources to those seeking a more nutrient-dense lifestyle. We offer printed educational material and books from Weston A. Price Foundation, FTCLDF (Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund), and Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation at all meetings, as well as membership sign-ups!!!


During Welcome and Introductions it was great to see so many familiar faces and new ones too.


Each member and guest gets to regale us with the carefully-selected ingredients they use in preparing all their nutrient-dense potluck offerings. We definitely do not go hungry at these wonderful gatherings.


A beautiful cornucopia of edible delights…


Lawrence Missakian (center) has a “gut” feeling that all these fermented veggies, yogurt and kombucha will be quite nutritious and delicious.


There was even some pastured goat stew prepared by one of our guests, farmer, Randy Ramsley (top) and one of our members, Dr. Rosann Volmert (left-center). Aaron Zober (right) is excited to try some.


Some of the food that was prepared was GAPS-appropriate for those who are on that gut healing protocol.


Karen Voelkening-Behegan and Peter Attwood are carefully planning their dinner choices. Too many things to choose from… where to start…


Everyone had a great time catching up and enjoying the convivial family dinner atmosphere.


Just like Thanksgiving with the family. Please pass the sauerkraut and kimchi!


Plate of grassfed beef and cheese, organic veggies, sauerkraut, non-GMO heirloom Jackson’s Honest Chips, and even some ENJOY! Grain Free dessert.


Your choice of beverages…raw milk, kraut juice, kombucha and mineral water…


Dinner with friends always improves the digestion and makes the food taste that much better.


Suzanne Peters was so passionate in sharing her story of how she found her way into this community. She credits Elaina Luther and her mentorship through previous Culture Club 101 classes and training with giving her the courage fulfill her dream of offering grain-free bakery items that are delicious and nutritious.


Steve Plog shares his story about how he restored his health from debilitating injury through nutrient dense eating and has been changed ever since. He is the owner of Our Little Market which offers wonderful pastured eggs, seafood, grassfed bison and Amish dairy products.


Our meeting featured fun prizes to win…From the Dervaes family featured in the movie “Home Grown Revolution,” Anais Dervaes from Pasadena’s own Urban Homestead shares what an Urban Homestead CSA box contains: same-day, fresh-picked greens and fruit from their garden. The winner of that prize was Laura Rodriguez (left).


John Bradshaw shared his kefir grains as a prize for the lucky winner to make homemade kefir drinks.


Congratulations to Caroline Mueller, winner of the Our Little Market dairy products.


Vanessa Celentano who attended our recent Urban Homestead-partnered Film and Food Night was excited to find the Weston A. Price Pasadena Chapter to continue on her nutrient-dense eating journey with this like-minded group.


Randy Ramsley (top middle left), farmer of Mesa Farm, was excited to attend this month’s potluck as he had been introduced to the Weston A. Price dietary guidelines through Dr. Rosann Volmert during her farm internship in Utah last spring/summer. Through this way of eating he was able to lower his blood pressure 40 points which is something he had never been able to do before. Having suffered from health issues of digestion problems since he was 7 years old and then later on a hiatal hernia, eating fermented foods, broth, and liver and eliminating sugar and gluten allowed him to go off some of the medication he was taking for longstanding health conditions. He has even been able to eliminate emergency trips to the local ER to shock his heart when he went into a health episode, as he was now able to self-convert more easily. The body has an amazing way to heal itself when nourished and taken care of properly.

Further, Dr. Volmert (top middle right) shared some poignant and thought-provoking ideas, emphasizing the connection between nourishment for the body and feeding our own spiritual growth. She shared that while going through the GAPS protocol in her own healthy journey, she was confounded as healing unmasked anxiety that allowed her to get to a state of clearer consciousness. She cited studies she had read of our incarcerated youth being malnourished, showing low cholesterol in their diets and thereby exhibiting violent behavior and suicidal tendencies. Also, school lunches are so lacking in nutrients that students can’t concentrate in school. She finished sharing her story and left us with the question, “What would our world look like if people could heal their bodies by following the Weston A. Price way of eating and eliminate ADHD in schools and eliminate violent behavior among our youth through diet? We could have more peace throughout our communities.” Her sharing really struck a chord with all the members.


Getting to spend the evening sharing our nutrition, health and healing stories just made us feel fortunate and grateful that we are not on the journey alone. There is so much more to learn!


Caroline Mueller (bottom left), Elaine Luther (left), Aaron Zober (right), and Suzanne Peters (bottom right) capped off our evening letting us know how we can get involved in local community events and purchase from new purveyors in the local farmers markets and the newly opened Arroyo Food Co-Op.

And so the story continues… Looking forward to seeing you all at our next meeting in February. Until then, be well!

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