February 2015 – An Introduction to Detoxification


At the February meeting of the Pasadena Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation, the talk was all about detoxification.  As the Founding Leader of the Chapter and a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I offered the group an introduction to detoxification, why you need it, how your body does it, and how to get optimal results.

This month, in lieu of writing an article, I’ve posted a few photos from the meeting illustrating scenes from not only the presentation but also the delicious dinner we enjoyed.  When the time is right, I will return to this post to add a few important slides showing a list of foods and nutrients you need to keep the detoxification process running smoothly and to optimize your health.  For now, please enjoy these photos:

Weston-Price-Pasadena-Detox-Potluck-12     Weston-Price-Pasadena-Detox-Potluck-13

Weston-Price-Pasadena-Detox-Potluck-16     Weston-Price-Pasadena-Detox-Potluck-17

10417766_10204929965023427_716283276752524943_n     Weston-Price-Pasadena-Detox-Potluck-05

Weston-Price-Pasadena-Detox-Potluck-06     Weston-Price-Pasadena-Detox-Potluck-03

Weston-Price-Pasadena-Detox-Potluck-01     Weston-Price-Pasadena-Detox-Potluck-18

I hope everyone enjoyed learning how to support the body’s natural detoxification process.  I am currently updating my Bio-Detoxification presentation and am looking forward to sharing some of the most important slides on this post.  In particular, when the slides are ready, I will show which nutrients are required for proper detoxification, and what types of foods to find them in.  And here’s a little hint:  The traditional, properly-prepared, nutrient-dense diets discovered by nutritional pioneer Weston A. Price can’t be beat for keeping the body clean and healthy!

For more information about how to help your body become really efficient at detoxifying, feel free to contact me at karen@realfoodtherapy. com or call me at 330-732-5380.  And until then remember: a healthy body and happy mind are one in the same!

~Your Founding Chapter Leader and Real Food Therapist, Karen VB


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