June 2015 – Dirt! The Movie


At our June potluck dinner meeting, our members enjoyed another energizing meal followed by an uplifting film, Dirt! The Movie.  Although already a few years old, this multi-award-winning documentary is a timeless film with a timeless message.  As encapsulated in its little “hummingbird” vignet, the problems of the world may seem overwhelming, but if we believe our efforts to make a difference are insignificant, then we are sorely mistaken.

Both the quality and the quantity of our topsoil have been steadily declining since the rise of industrial agriculture, the advent of the chemical revolution, and the urbanization of our lands.  As a result, the quality of our of food and availability of arable lands have both suffered, as manifested in the declining health of populations worldwide, and ever-increasing tension over the availability of natural resources.


If this problem seems insurmountable to you, and if you feel like there’s nothing you can do to make a difference, then Dirt! The Movie  is the film to see.  By the time it’s done, you will know what to do!  Unlike many gloom-and-doom films which only illustrate the problem, this film not only does a great job characterizing the problem of poor soil quality and how it has affected the entire globe, but also offers solutions.


Some colorful and nutrient-dense contributions to our June 2015 potluck dinner

After enjoying another delicious nutrient-dense dinner together, our group feasted on the inspiration provided by this pragmatic yet optimistic film.

A few of our satisfied comrades

One satisfied bunch of real foodies!

If the truest test of the quality of a movie can be measured by the reaction of the crowd, then our small audience was all thumbs up!  Instead of simply rushing home at the end of the film, everyone  gathered together in a circle and started talking about what they could do to make a difference.  Now that’s a movie on a mission that truly inspires action!  To learn more about the film, we highly recommend reading a review, watching the trailer, or going right to the source to view the whole movie online.


It's all about the microbes!

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