August 2015 – Weston A. Price 76 Years Later with Dr. J. Bruce Johnson

Weston-Price-Pasadena-August-2015-Potluck-Dentistry-13We were excited to have an evening of learning all about the connection between our dental health and our whole body health with Dr. J. Bruce Johnson, DDS.


Dr. Johnson discussed what we are facing in our modern society that has made our bodies more toxic than any other previous generation.


We are often not breathing correctly causing airway compromise that has led to many chronic conditions that put our overall health out of balance.


It was interesting to make the connection between airway compromise and many of the pains that we experience throughout our body.


Dr. Johnson showed connections of how dental health is the connection to improving many of the health issues that we thought were part and parcel of busy stressful everyday living.



Unlike standard orthodontists, Dr. Johnson remodels patients’ teeth and bridges to restore their natural life-giving structure.


There are real possibilities for improving overall health by seeing a holistic dentist that can make recommendations on what dental protocols could help.


Ultimately, Dr. Johnson’s talk was about the number one nutrient, oxygen, which is the top indicator of longevity and health. It is important to have the facial structure and airway that maximizes oxygen intake.


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