April 2016 – How to Stock a Clean Pantry & Fridge – WAPF Style!


The April potluck celebrated two major turning points for the Weston A. Price Pasadena Chapter.  First, we celebrated six years of having this wonderful chapter.  To help with the festivities, Suzanne Peters baked some of her delicious grain free cupcake.  

Following the meal, co-leader Joy Farrar and I compiled a slide show with photos from the past years, highlighting chapter meetings, international Wise Traditions conferences, farm visits, movie screenings, and other events attended by members.  The presentation can be seen here:



The second part of the meeting was my return as a co-leader after a brief hiatus starting about two years ago.  It was announced to the general members that I’d help run things again, and then I gave a presentation about how to stock your pantry and fridge with nutrient dense foods.  I’ve run my blog The Appropriate Omnivore  for five years now and the focus has always been on products people can buy when wanting to cook real food.  Both writing a blog and doing a podcast, I’ve had the opportunity to meet countless sustainable farmers and real food producers from shopping at farmers markets to attending conferences, festivals, and expos.


For those that were unable to attend my presentation, or those who just want to have another look, here’s the Powerpoint:




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