May 2016 – Food & Film Night: “FED Up!”


The May Weston A. Price Pasadena potluck was another movie night for the chapter.  This time we watched the documentary Fed Up.  Fed Up was a project produced by Katie Couric and Laurie David, which screened at the Sundance Film Festival.

The subject of Fed Up is how we’ve been given the wrong information about food and exercise for the past 30 years.  The doc has a specific focus about how, ever since Americans became fat-phobic in the 80s, the food industry has been adding more sugar to all of its products, contributing in part to the rise in obesity and decrease in health.  While neither the Weston A. Price Foundation nor its leaders were mentioned directly in the film, many proponents of the high fat diet were interviewed in it, such as Gary Taubes, author of the landmark book Good Calories, Bad Calories.

Fed Up is a great documentary for anyone wanting to learn more about how to fix their health or for Weston A. Price Foundation members and other like-mind health advocates that would like to teach their friends more of what we’re about.  As an intro, a trailer for it can be watched here:


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