June 2016 – An Alternative Look at Cancer with Integrative Health Coach Tina Thornton


Integrative Health Coach Tina Thornton

At our June meeting we enjoyed our potluck dinner outside on the patio among the trees in the serenity of the canyon.   We are so lucky to have the lodge at Nature Friends as the setting for our monthly meetings!   It was a special evening outdoors amid festive lighting with about 12 people in attendance.

Our guest for the evening was Tina Thornton, a friend, colleague,  and Integrative Health Coach who specializes in supporting clients with cancer.  Tina gave an inspiring talk, inviting participants to contribute to the conversation, make comments, and ask questions about alternative supports for cancer.   Tina is very familiar with some of the risks of conventional cancer treatment and offers a variety of alternative supports to her clients with amazing success.

Here is the follow-up letter that Tina shared with our group after her visit:

TThornton WAPF letter

The Pasadena CA Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation is grateful to Tina for her wonderful talk and touching follow-up letter.  Tina Thornton’s profound commitment to helping people embrace the healing power of the human body is inspiring to say the least, and life-changing for those who heed her wise words.   For more information about Tina Thornton and her services go to:  wellbeing.liveeditaurora.com.


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