August 2016 – Healing through Food & Lifestyle with Author Hilary Boynton


Hillary Boynton, Co-Author of The Heal Your Gut Cookbook” and founder of food and lifestyle brand liveyumyum gave a moving and inspirational testimonial and history to our group.  As a passionate and tireless advocate of spreading her real food message, she has seen the power of food as medicine  through her own family’s healing journey.  Being a mom of 5 young children who have struggled with various ailments and a husband who has overcome cancer she has seen disease at its worst. She is continually motivated in spreading her message to as many people as she can. She most certainly walks this talk. The number one thing she does every day is providing nourishment for the whole family as she prioritizes the family meals (Breakfast/Lunch and Dinner). On any given day you can find her daily meal photos on Instagram @liveyumyum as she inspires moms and families to see that a home cooked meal with thoughtful sourcing and prep is possible. She is an advocate of getting families back in the kitchen, learning to cook, and being proactive with their health to prevent disease.  She wants people to heal from the inside out.

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