October 2016 – Community Recipe Exchange


This was definitely one of our smaller meetings, but who ever said “the more the merrier?”  It was a great evening with plenty of stories and enthusiasm to go around.  We collected 4 recipes and had a blast.  I think we spent more time talking about Burning Man than our food, but we did talk a lot about the food at Burning Man, especially the delicious pickles and other homemade delicacies.  Who knows, maybe one year we’ll take a WAPF chapter field trip there or even have our own camp!

Version 2








The recipes we collected at our October meeting included:

  • Sherwood’s Bison Liver
  • Sherwood’s Reishi Tea
  • Karen’s Coconut Cream of Pumpkin Soup
  • Gabrielle’s Tuna Veggie Rice Bowl

Calling all Members!  So with this post, I just want everyone to know that we’ve finally started collecting recipes for our local chapter cookbook.  From now on at every Pasadena WAPF chapter potluck dinner meeting, you’ll have an opportunity to submit your favorite WAPF dishes for publication.  We’ll keep collecting until we have at least 10 dishes in every category, so bring ’em on!

Let’s aim to get our cookbook completely filled with delectable dishes that we can be proud of, and show the world what an amazing WAPF chapter we have here in Pasadena, California!


Sherwood’s Bison Liver


Gluten-free Rice Crackers and Raw Cheddar Cheese

Raw Organic Cheddar Cheese and Rice Crackers



Karen’s Coconut Cream of Pumpkin Soup



Gabrielle’s Tuna Veggie Rice Bowl

Time to start planning which recipe you’d like to share at our next chapter meeting.  See you there, recipe in hand!   😉

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