March 2017 – Nutrition & Physical Therapy for Back Pain & Disc Problems with Dr. Yvonne Ramirez

We had a lively potluck dinner meeting in March 2017. It was great to be back at Nature Friends Lodge in Sierra Madre enjoying the beautiful spring evening after a couple months away. An assortment of fresh and fermented fruits and vegetables, wild herbs, raw cheese, raw butter, gluten-free bread, and sprouted pumpkin seeds were accompanied by a delicious homemade grass-fed meatloaf that rounded off the meal. Kombucha, fermented beverages, raw milk, and sparkling water also accentuated the repast.

During our after-dinner announcements we chose our first 3 nominees for entry into our upcoming WAPF-Pasadena Chapter Cookbook: Gayle Hardine’s meatloaf, Rolf Hastrup’s guacamole, and Mae Kwan’s cultured asparagus spears.

Following our Community and Chapter Announcements came the main attraction, Dr. Ramirez’ presentation about holistic physical therapy performed with a fusion of Western and Eastern influence. Fellow chapter member Elizabeth Voth graciously accepted the honor of introducing our speaker:

“Yvonne Ramirez is a Doctor of Physical Therapy. She’s been in practice for the last 5 years and has now opened her own holistic physical therapy practice in North Glendale. Dr. Ramirez is thrilled to bridge both Western and Eastern medicine into the healing of physical conditions.  Dr. Ramirez believes proper nutrients such as fats, proteins, carbohydrates (green leafy vegetables) are major contributors in the balance of the organ systems, which in turn balance the musculoskeletal system. The name of her practice is Nuvè Therapeutics, which ties in a new cultural root from earth to sky. Dr. Ramirez believes that we are the physical manifestation to the connection of both.  Her background in combining Western and Eastern manual therapy with nutrition has resulted in successful outcomes with a variety of conditions.  One of Dr. Ramirez’s specialties is disc pathology: disc bulge, herniated disc, and low back pain. Dr. Ramirez will cover how nutrition and manual therapy can stabilize and help with these conditions to avoid surgery and return to one active pain free lifestyle.”

During the presentation, Dr. Ramirez gave a slide show that included a few short anonymous video clips so we could see the impressive results of her work. I especially liked the slide comparing the composition of the discs in the back to the composition of bone broth. The similarity was striking! In terms of nutrition and digestion, we also learned that the manual physical therapy techniques used Dr. Ramirez may actually aid in the restoration of digestive function.

At the end of the slide show, Dr. Ramirez gave a live demonstration of her manual techniques. Thank you, Mae Kwan for volunteering to be Dr. Ramirez’ patient! We actually got to see Mae’s back improve before our eyes. The demonstration shed light on how effective manual physical therapy can be when applied using a fusion of Western and Eastern models.

Our audience of Weston A. Price members was genuinely inspired by Dr. Ramirez’ presentation. Based on what we learned and witnessed, the techniques used by Dr. Ramirez appear to be immediately effective, require fewer visits than normal physical therapy, and significantly reduce healing time. Unfortunately, as is often the case with alternative modalities, this treatment method is generally not provided with standard physical therapy. Considering how effective this style of manual physical therapy can be, perhaps one day it may become the standard of care. But in the meantime, if you’d like to try out this quick and effective method of manual physical therapy, you’ll have to turn to one of those rare and trustworthy specialists like our own local Dr. Yvonne Ramirez of Nuvè Therapeutics. Thank you Dr. Yvonne for a truly enlightening presentation!

4/5/17 Note to Reader – A video of Dr. Ramirez’ talk is currently in the making.   Once completed, a link to the video along with a link to Dr. Ramirez’ slideshow will be added to this blog post. Please check back in a couple weeks. Thank you!

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