July 2017 – Jewish Ethnic Night


The July 2017 potluck event was another ethnic night. In the earlier days of the Weston A. Price Pasadena chapter, we held many potlucks looking at different cultures and the traditional foods they.  After an absence of ethnic nights for a few years, we’ve revived the series with Mexican ethnic night earlier this year and a Filipino cooking meeting next month. But for the past month’s it was all about Jewish cuisine.

IMG_1402Gabrielle and I co-led the meeting. Everything made by Gabrielle was related to Passover, her favorite holiday. For the dinner, she brought matzo ball soup, charoset, and chopped liver. My contributions were latkes, pickles, Israeli salad, and hummus.

IMG_1425After the dinner portion of the night, Gabrielle kicked off the demo by cutting up an entire pastured chicken from Harvest Gathering. She showed how to cut off all of the different parts of the chicken that can be eaten, followed by how the skin remaining from it can be used to make schmaltz.

FullSizeRender-1I finished off the demo by discussing how to make latkes. As Gabrielle had discussed how to make schmaltz, which also used in her matzo balls, I used Fatworks schmaltz to make my latkes. My potato pancakes also consisted organic russet potatoes, onions, To Your Health gluten free sprouted flour, Real Salt sea salt, and organic pepper.


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