August 2017 – Filipino Night with Joy de los Santos Farrar

The expression “I died and went to heaven” was clearly made for Joy’s Chicken Adobo.  Joy’s rendition of 2 traditional Filipino favorites left everyone going back for more.

The Chicken Tinola was comfort food at its best.  “The next time you’re in town, Sally Fallon,” says Joy, “our chapter will prepare this dish for you!”  Our group of 11 thoroughly enjoyed Joy’s traditional Filipino stew and healing broth.  You could literally feel the nutrients absorbing into every cell or your body.  There is nothing else like it.

One of my favorite parts of the evening was when Joy started telling us about Filipino culture and how it revolves around family, food, and lively dinner conversation.

Joy spoke nostalgically about growing up in Los Angeles as a first generation Filipina.  When she was a child, memories abounded with stories of aunts and grandmothers and chickens in the back yard, fresh vegetable gardens, and folks getting together on a regular basis to spend long hours at the table together.  Meal time was not only a time to eat, but also a time to share stories, tell jokes, play games, and sometimes even indulge in Karaoke.

Filipino cultural and culinary tradition truly revolves around not only food for flavor and health but also dining for togetherness and community.  Joy reflected fondly on her youth among her compatriots, and how they gathered, prepared, and and enjoyed their meals.  Everyone at the potluck could really taste the love in her food.  True to tradition, Joy represented her culture’s generosity and hospitality by making plenty to share, with plenty of delectable left-overs to bring home.

Now Joy wants to lead a Weston A. Price Foundation trip to the Philippines. If this potluck dinner is any indication, that will be a trip you won’t want to miss.  Thank you, Joy for filling and enlightening us with Filipino nourishment for both the body and the soul!


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