September 2017 – Oktoberfest and German Sausage-Making Demo with Elizabeth Voth

Our September meeting was a German pot luck ethnic night with a demo led by Elizabeth Voth, a leader for the WAPF chapter in the Claremont/Pomona/Upland area. Sausage making is one of the oldest traditions for meat preservation.

Due to industrialization of the food industry, sausages unfortunately became filled with heavily processed ingredients and used factory farmed meat. As Oktoberfest kicks off at the end of September, we decided to devote this month’s meeting to the age old German celebration.

Elizabeth gave a demo on how to make sausages using pastured beef and pork. She brought the ground meat along with her grinder. Attendees had the opportunity to grind the meat themselves to learn more about how the process is done. She also brought the spices that are mixed into the sausages and explained the importance of each of them.

In addition to Elizabeth’s demo, people brought German themed dishes for the potluck portion of the night. Aaron Zober brought a currywurst sauce containing bone broth. Sherwood Bradshaw and Steve Roberts brought some German beers to celebrate Oktoberfest. And what would a Weston A. Price style Oktoberfest be without sauerkraut? A number of guests brought different varieties of the nutrient dense German ferment.


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