October 2017 – Halloween Party & Dare to Ask a Chapter Leader


For the October Weston A. Price Pasadena potluck we celebrated Halloween. Many people that attended took the extra step and came in costume.


And what would Halloween be without some treats. My contribution to the potluck this month was candy.  It’s scary the amount of refined sugars, GMOs, pesticides and other unnatural ingredients that you find in today’s big ag candy.

As I’ve covered all kinds of conferences, festivals, and expos for my Appropriate Omnivore blog, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about organic alternatives to the candies we see everywhere. But up until recently, even the organic candies used sugar. While the big organics use cane sugar; which is better, it’s still not the most nutrient dense. More recently, we’ve seen candy options containing natural sweeteners. I brought Eating Evolved chocolate bars, which contain coconut sugar, and Heavenly Organics chocolate honey patties.

The last portion of the night was an unofficial town hall for attendees to ask the chapter leaders any questions they had in regards to what they’d like to see done with the chapter in the future. We discussed topics for upcoming meeting and received many great recommendations for potential speakers.


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