January 2018 – Why Pastured Meats Are Better for You with Harvest Gathering Farms Owner Wendy Marchant

IMG_8219Our first potluck of 2018 featured a topic and farm that most Weston A. Price Pasadena Chapter members are likely familiar with. Wendy Marchant spoke about her Harvest Gathering Farm and why pastured meats are better for you.

Many people in the Pasadena Chapter have been buying Harvest Gathering at the South Pasadena Farmers Market for a couple years now, so it was only fitting that those in attendance included items from Harvest Gathering into the dishes they brought. Joy brought in one of their chickens to feast upon. Suzanne Peters baked us some enjoyable grain free blueberry muffins and explained that she only uses eggs from Harvest Gathering. And Erin Davy, who works for Wendy, provided us with a delicious soup using the Harvest Gathering Italian sausage.



After our potluck dinner, Wendy went into telling us her story about how she got into farming. Her story began with her 4 children and the many health challenges, which led to making some changes and becoming more in touch with where their food was coming from. While looking for work, she found a job as an event coordinator at a farmers market despite not knowing much about farmers markets. As she worked there, she got to know a pasture raised farmer who was a vendor at the market. After learning more about the farm, she ended up taking over raising the farmer’s animals as the farmer was transitioning to opening a butcher shop.

Harvest Gathering currently shares space at a couple farms where Wendy pasture raises all of her animals on a diet free of GMO, corn, and soy. She’s in the process of looking for a location to have her own farm. After venturing into her business, she also discovered that farming was in her family’s lineage. Before moving to Illinois, her ancestors raised livestock on pasture in Guiggesburg, Switzerland in the late 1800s and had a butcher shop in town.

Wendy finds many of her farmers market customers are consuming pastured meats for the first time because of her. They also say how much better the meats taste. Wendy attributed part of the reason why her pastured meats are so savory is because her animals gets to feast on the wonderful food left over and donated by other vendors at the markets after they close for the day.


People in attendance of this months event, which included both some old faces returning and some new faces attending for the first time, were captivated by Wendy’s story and look forward to see where Harvest Gathering Farm is headed in the future. After Wendy’s talk, the attendees were all give a carton with a dozen of her wonderful eggs.


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