February 2018 – Swedish & Scandinavian Ethnic Night with Gunilla Hastrup


As the Weston A. Price Pasadena Chapter had great success with the return of our ethnic nights last year, we’ve decided to continue in the new year with more potlucks focusing on traditional cuisines of various regions. Our February meeting kicked off our first ethnic night for 2018. Our region for this potluck was traditional Swedish and Scandinavian food. We featured Gunilla Hastrup, who is from Sweden and married to Rolf Hastrup, a long time attendee of our events.


Gunilla prepared for us two types of crepes. One was savory featuring peas while the other was a sweet crepe with berries, nuts, maple syrup, and whipped cream provided as topping options. She also explained that American wheat wouldn’t work with her dish due to how our modern wheat has been modified so much. Gunilla used the ancient grain of einkorn as her flour and the crepes were enjoyed by all in attendance.


In addition to the crepes which Gunilla cooked, many other members brought in Swedish and Scandinavian dishes, including smoked salmon, herring, beet salad, and kale salad.


The potluck meeting also kicked off the Weston A. Price Foundation’s March Membership Madness drive. The WAPF has a special deal going for March with annual membership discounted to $30. If a chapter is able to get 10 new people to join, they’ll receive free recordings of the 2017 Wise Traditions Conference.  A form to join can be downloaded here.


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