March 2018 – Homeoprophylaxis with Mary Núñez

It was a dark, cold, rainy evening in the canyon at the Nature Friends Lodge, when people slowly trickled in for the meeting.  It took about an hour, but by 7:30 just about everyone had arrived.  We were a group of about 15 people, including a married couple with 2 adorable young children.  

What could bring out such a devoted group on such and unusually dreary Southern California evening?  None other than Mary Nuñez, the traditional nurse turned homeopath, who taught us all about homeoprophylaxis!  No, not the things you use to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but rather a safe and reliable alternative to traditional vaccinations.

Before Mary started her presentation, we feasted on the hearty, savory contributions of our members including 3 different stick-to-your-ribs stews complete with pastured meats and plenty of organic vegetables.  For side dishes, we enjoyed some raw cheeses, fresh pastured, cultured butter on traditional Einkorn bread, and olive-oil infused roasted beet salad, among other delicacies.  Throughout the meal, late-comers kept arriving with potluck contributions in hand, so we all took multiple trips to the buffet.

After the meal, our chapter co-leader Joy led the announcements, followed by a surprise birthday celebration for our devoted member and co-leader John aka Sherwood Bradshaw.  Mother Moo’s organic triple milk and strawberry ice creams were shared all around, topped with fresh organic berries contributed by fellow member Janet Planet!

Bellies full and taste buds satisfied, we all turned our attention to the guest of the evening, Mary Nuñez.  With everyone seated family-style around the table, Mary shared her knowledge from both some lovely books as well as her hard-earned experience.  We learned how homeopathically-produced nosodes are used in a very similar way to traditional vaccinations by exposing the body to a substance, in this case energetically, in order to strengthen the immune system and train it to protect the body from various communicable diseases.

In this day and age, while many members of the population, especially parents, are questioning the safety of the ingredients used in traditional vaccinations, it was nice to hear about this very viable all-natural alternative.

Mary spoke with candor and compassion about what homeoprophylaxis is, what it can and cannot do, how to use it appropriately, and how to transition from a body exposed to traditional vaccinations to one that is ready to accept homeopathy.

A lively discussion ensued while the audience members took turns sharing their questions, comments, and concerns with our guest speaker and conventional medical veteran turned natural healing champion.  Mary even talked about a kit you can purchase containing homeopathic nosodes for a who’s who list of commonly spread and vaccinatable diseases, a perfect way to set yourself up for immune system success.

In the end, Mary left us with sense of gratitude, enlightenment, and curiosity.  We couldn’t have hosted a better speaker to bring out our devoted followers on a cold,  damp evening, when many would have rather remained cozy at home.  The information, delicious dinner, and camaraderie were well worth the effort!

For more information about homeoprophylaxis go to:  Free & Healthy Children International.

To contact Mary Nuñez, go to:   Homeopathy for Families.


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