May 2018 – Nature’s Sodas: How to Make Healthy Drinks on a Budget with Hannah Crum of Kombucha Kamp


Probiotic drinks are popular in all types of dietary circles, Weston A. Price Foundation included, so the May potluck was the return of Hannah Crum aka The Kombucha Mamma. She’s the founder Kombucha Kamp, which is devoted to educating the world about kombucha. Hannah wants to expand the Kombucha KommUnity, whether it leads more people brewing their own at home or just more people buying the bottled beverages in the store.


Along with being a regular Wise Traditions Conference speaker, Hannah also spoke about kombucha to the Pasadena Chapter about five years ago. This time Hannah expanded the discussion of probiotic drinks from not only kombucha, but also jun, kefir, and water kefir.


Hannah Crum describes herself as a bacteria farmer. Through Kombucha Kamp, she sells scobies and kefir grains for people to start brewing themselves. Along with the starters that were available for people to purchase, she brought some of her own varieties of the different types of probiotic drinks for everyone to sample.


Hannah also recently authored The Big Book of Kombucha, which gives over 400 recipes telling you how to make kombucha from start to finish, provides troubleshooting tips, and talks about the science and history of kombucha. She brought copies that people there could purchase and have her personally sign. For those not present at the meeting, her book, can also be purchased on Amazon.


Everyone in attendance was excited by Hannah’s presentation. Many members are already brewing their own kombucha and brought their creations to share at the potluck. Hannah let them know about other probiotic drinks that anyone can make at home. Being able to make probiotic drinks yourself is both healthier for your gut and also more affordable than buying the conventional carbonated drinks off the shelf.

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