In Memory of John “Dey Dey” de Bruin

Earlier this week, we lost an important member of our local Weston A. Price community, John “Dey Dey” de Bruin of Santa Barbara.  Among the members of the Pasadena Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation, John “Dey Dey” de Bruin will always be remembered for his big smile and sunny disposition. He was one of our first speakers when we started our potluck diner meetings in 2010, he was an important provider of food for our community, and he joined us for a second time as guest speaker in 2014, when he not only educated us about sustainable farming but also shared some of the delicious products of his farm.  I can still taste that succulent London broil that he prepared right in front of us and proudly shared with everyone at the meeting.  We got to know “Dey Dey” not only at our meetings but also at the Pasadena Farmers Market.  He was part of the glue of our community, jovial, friendly, and supportive, and we could always count on him to tell a good joke or two.

John’s giving spirit will be remembered, especially for how he shared the joys of his “grass farm” while educating us about sustainable agriculture and how it provides a great life for adults, children, animals, and plants alike.  We fondly remember the times at the farm in Lompoc that he so generously opened to our community, where we enjoyed lunching on some delicious fresh burgers grilled outside on the fields, infused with the mouthwatering flavor of carefully selected and lovingly cultivated grasses.  That John loved plants, animals, and children was apparent in the way he lived his life.  While most of us live in the city, John gave us a place to bring our children to meet the animals, tour the farm, and listen to the stories of his Lowline Cattle, pastured chickens, and special mix of grasses. John set an example for all those who would listen about the importance of sustainability for both our health and our planet.

John always said that the grass farm was his third career, after his many years as an engineer.  At one of our meetings, he spoke about his childhood in Holland and his favorite cow “Bessie” with the most loving, adoring eyes and beautiful, long eyelashes.  Remembering Bessie from his earliest days, John always knew that someday he would buy some land and raise cattle on his own farm.  John showed the world that even for an engineer, the complexity and planning required to run a sustainable farm in a way that mimics nature is no small intellectual feat.  Most of us in Pasadena knew John only after his retirement from engineering, and we will always remember him as the fun-loving  grass farmer on a mission to unite people, animals, and the environment in a healthy, loving, and joyful way.  John “Dey Dey” de Bruin will be sorely missed.  May he rest in Peace.


Karen Voelkening-Behegan

Founding Leader of the Pasadena CA Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation


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