January 2019 – Super Bowl Parties: Scoring a Touchdown Serving Real Food


📸 Photo by Joy Farrar

Our first chapter potluck of the new year was devoted to the festive holiday that occurs the beginning of every February known as Super Bowl Sunday. Growing up in Cleveland, I’ve been a lifelong Browns fan. This past year, the Browns finally showed some promise and could be Super Bowl material in the years to come. But despite not being in the playoffs for a long time now, I still always enjoy watching the Super Bowl no matter what team is in it.

Being a football fan isn’t the only reason I love Super Bowl Sunday. It also has great commercials. And it’s the epitome of days for snack food! I chose the topic of serving real food at Super Bowl parties not only because of the upcoming day, but felt the topic applies to serving snack food at parties any time of the year.

Super Bowl parties are known for snack foods such as cold cuts, chips, and baked goods. But it’s important to serve versions of all these foods containing real ingredients and to avoid the products made by big ag which have contributed to the standard American diet and making our country unhealthy.


📸 Photo by Joy Farrar

With my Appropriate Omnivore podcast and blog, I’ve been fortunate to interview many of the companies dedicated to producing versions of the snack foods we grew up with but with a real food twist. As pictured above, I brought in the goodies which I like and approve of for using real ingredients. Here are the types of food which are popular at Super Bowl parties and which brands we like with a little description of why.

Making snacks from scratch is always the best way to go as you know everything that’s in it. Chips and desserts can easily be done with a few simple ingredients.

Flours: Can be used to make both chips and desserts

Corn Tortillas: Can be used to make tortilla chips

Animal Fats: Good for frying chips

Coconut Oil: Another healthy fat to fry chips in

  • Many great brands to choose from. Look for ones which aren’t hexane extracted and preferably organic virgin

Honey: An excellent natural sweetener for desserts and baked goods

  • Heavenly Organics: Organic raw honey
  • Local honey: Look for raw and preferably unfiltered

Coconut Sugar: Another option for a natural sweetener which is closer to cane sugar

Whole Cane Sugar: Can also be used as a natural sweetener

Butter: Used for baked goods

Eggs: Used for baked goods

  • Vital Farms: Organic pasture raised eggs
  • Local farms: Look for pasture raised, organic, and preferably soy free

Shortening: Used in place of butter if not doing dairy

If you’re not into cooking or baking or just pressed for time, there fortunately are many products which are WAPF friendly make great snack food at Super Bowl and other types of parties. Here are our favorites.

Cold cuts:



  • Jillz – Gluten and grain free organic crackers


  • Jacksons Honest – Potato and tortilla chips cooked in coconut oil
  • Siete – Grain free tortilla chips cooked in avocado oil

Pork Rinds

  • 4505 – All natural hormone and antibiotic free pork fried in lard
  • Epic – Pastured, organic, hormone and antibiotic free pork rinds

Hot dogs:


Soda Pops

  • Live Soda – Organic kombucha with monk fruit sweeteners in flavors of various soda pops

📸 Photo by Joy Farrar






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