February 2019 – Truth about EMF & 5G with Oram Miller of Create Healthy Homes

For our February potluck, we were excited to host Oram Miller, a certified building biology environmental consultant and electromagnetic radiation specialist. Oram, who is the Director of Learning and Development for the Institute for Bau-biologie and Ecology, shared his in depth knowledge of the current 4G networks and what the projected plans and timeline for the 5G rollouts were. IMG_3626

Through his business Create Healthy Homes, Oram performs hundreds of home EMF audits throughout Southern California and advises people of safer ways to be wired in with their many devices from cell phones to tablets to computers to smart TVs. We were fortunate also to have in our presence Clarymond Hardt with Mother Corps, a local Altadena based organization for children’s advocacy in terms of health and safety, especially with the upcoming rollout of 5G in their neighborhood and how it effects schools and the health of children. It was great to learn form Oram and have an informed community discussion of what could be done on an every day basis to be aware of EMF safety.

With all the media hype on the dangers of EMFs and 5G, Oram educated and reassured us on more of what we can do within our homes daily. As our devices and wi-fi are  in much closer proximity to us on a day-to-day basis than the cell towers going up, we should take doable measures, such as putting phones on speaker mode, using headsets which connect to the phones, making calls on non-cordless landlines, or even hardwiring of any devices. He also advised on turning wi-fi off when you’re sleeping or keeping the router away from where you sleep.


As always, we love seeing our community come together to share a delicious, nutrient dense meal over great conversation and a fun time.




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