April 2019 The Culture of Sourdough with Arianna Sikorski of Taste My Culture


Our March potluck featured Arianna Sikorski, founder of Taste My Culture, and third-generation holder of a 100+ year-old Alaskan sourdough starter. Ariana travels the world exploring cultural heritage through taste. From the heights of Machu Picchu to the geothermal waters of Iceland, she and her sourdough starter continue to explore and live as a catalyst for scientific discovery, cultural exchange, culinary experimentation, artistic adventure, and, ultimately, a sensory experience of Alaskan history. 




As Ariana’s own starter culture was handed down to her, she put up some of her sourdough babies for adoption for people to take into their own households.


Arianna demonstrated her classic Alaskan sourdough blueberry pancakes and took us through the tradition and culture of sourdough from the Yukon into our very own Sierra Madre lodge. As we strive to be the most nutrient dense as a Weston Price chapter, we used ancient einkorn wheat to make the sourdough batter.


Thank you WAPF member Melissa Lugo for being such a great sous chef.


Like a good chef, Ariana always tastes her work to make sure it’s top quality as it should be as it’s made with Harvest Gathering eggs and Jovial einkorn flour.

Before and after of the pancakes cooking in the skillet.


Happy and well fed WAPF members eating sourdough pancakes and pasture raised Harvest Gathering scrambled eggs and bacon. Who doesn’t like breakfast for dinner?


Photos and additional writing by chapter co-leader Aaron Zober.

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