September 2019 – Health Freedom in America Through the Lens of Vaccinations with Leslie Manookian

This meeting was the first time in our chapter history that we actually had our guest speaker attend remotely via video conference. The technology worked well as our members and friends gathered round the monitor to listen in and take turns asking questions. Since the speaker had to start and end early, we skipped our normal “food introductions” and just introduced ourselves to our guest.

Then as the meeting progressed, audience members took turns stepping away from the video circle to grab a bite to eat from our potluck dinner buffet. It all worked out very well, and is sure to open up many new doors for our chapter, enabling us to reach beyond our local area to bring in a variety of new speakers from afar.

As for the topic of the evening, our guest speaker Leslie Manookian, the producer of the documentary The Greater Good, who joined us remotely from Idaho, really enlightened us with all her knowledge and experience in the area of vaccination legislation and safety, especially in reference to health freedom. To learn more about Leslie’s story, please check out the video links below. Leslie offered us lots of information and resources during our meeting which she will share with us in a document that we will post below as soon as we receive it.

The best part about this meeting was that people walked away feeling both understood and empowered. Though there was some discouraging news, Leslie showed us that the possibility still exists for us to make a big difference by sharing information and getting the word out as we continue in the tradition of Dr. Weston A. Price by heeding his message: “You teach, you teach, you teach!”

Leslie Manookian’s Story & Interview on KPVI (23-minute video)
Leslie’s Story on YouTube (same 23-minute video)
The Greater Good Movie Trailer (2-minute video)
Stream The Greater Good Movie for $5 (1 hour 19 minutes, cheaper than buying, and it supports a great cause!)
The Vaccine Safety Project with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  (8-minute video)
Freedom to Dissent and the New Blacklist in America with Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center (a 24-minute video)
A Voice for Choice: SB276/SB714 Implications for Your Child

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