September 2015 – Gluten-Free Baking and Lifestyle with Suzanne Peters


Entrepreneur and fearless baker extraordinaire Suzanne Peters spoke at our September meeting. Last time, she did a live demo of her popular coconut flour muffins. Today she shared her story and experiences with gluten-free baking, and how she deals with the challenges of being gluten-free. Continue reading

October 2014 – Organic Olive Oil Farming and the Farm Experience with Michael O’Brien of Paso Gold

Michael O'Brien, organic olive oil farmer and owner of Paso Gold.

Michael O’Brien, organic olive oil farmer and owner of Paso Gold.

Did you know that all olives in the Northern Hemisphere are harvested in November and December? The next time you pick up a bottle of American or European olive oil, note the harvest date rather than the “best by” date. This was one among many nuggets of wisdom from our guest speaker, organic olive oil farmer Michael O’Brien of Paso Gold. After generously treating us to an enormous salad of roasted San Marzano tomatoes and Persian cucumbers from his farm, Michael shared his story and gave us an insider’s look at the olive oil industry. Continue reading

September 2014 – “Made with Two Sisters’ Love:” The Story of Virgin Raw’s Bee Panacea


Gosia Reed and Monika Kozdrowiecka, sisters and co-founders of Virgin Raw Foods.

Some bonds are so strong and loving that they survive the tests of time and distance. Such is the relationship between two sisters, Gosia Reed and Monika Kozdrowiecka, co-founders of Virgin Raw Foods and the guest speakers at our September meeting. The sisters shared their incredible journey from humble beginnings in Poland to a successful supplement business in California. Their relentless search for healing foods led to the creation of Bee Panacea, a delicious blend of highly-prized superfoods that has improved the health of countless customers.

Continue reading