October 2018 – Halloween Party and Herbal Remedies & Tinctures with Herbalist Christina Chan

Here are a few photos from our October meeting.  The food was amazing, and we all enjoyed the costume contest.  Our founding leader Karen came in first place in her full garb as a flamenco dancer, and won a bag of Halloween goodies to share, which everyone appreciated, especially the children.  A good time was had by all, and Christina Chan did a fabulous job teaching us all about herbal tinctures, so much so that we’re now planning a field trip to her workplace, Dragon Herbs!

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August 2018 – Healthy School Meals with Lunch Lady Hilary Boynton


Our August meeting featured Hilary Boynton, author of The Heal Your Gut Cookbook. On her return visit as a featured speaker at our monthly meeting, this time she shared her new venture to start a nationwide movement with her upcoming documentary,
The Lunch Lady.

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February 2017 – Mesoamerican Night: Traditional Tamales with Elizabeth Voth & Friends

Elizabeth Voth & Ingrid Gutierrez gave a novel presentation at our February potluck dinner meeting held at Culture Club 101 in Pasadena.  Most memorable were Elizabeth’s delicious traditionally-fermented homemade Masa tamales derived from several varieties of heirloom corn and topped with her own delectable salsas.   Continue reading