January 2017

Gratitude Potluck at Culture Club 101

November 2016

Gratitude Potluck at Culture Club 101

October 2016

Community Recipe Exchange

September 2016

The Amazing Benefits of Bone Broth with “Flavor Chef” Lance Roll

August 2016

Healing through Food and Lifestyle with Author Hilary Boynton

July 2016

Chiropractic and Your Health with Innate Family Chiropractic

June 2016

An Alternative Look at Cancer with Integrative Health Coach Tina Thornton

May 2016

Food and Film Night:  Katie Couric’s & Laurie David’s Documentary “Fed Up”

April 2016

How to Stock a Clean Pantry and Fridge, WAPF Style!

March 2016

Food and Film Night:  Michael Pollan’s Netflix Documentary Series “Cooked”

February 2016

Food and Film Night:  Healing Quest Interview with Dr. Nicholas Gonzales

January 2016

What About the Birds?! It’s About Sustainability, People

December 2015

Holiday Get-Together And Year In Review

November 2015

Wise Traditions Conference Review
Wise Traditions Conference

October 2015

Taking the Scary Out of Halloween Treats with Aaron Zober

September 2015

Gluten-Free Baking and Lifestyle with Suzanne Peters

August 2015

Weston A. Price 76 Years Later with Biological Dentist Dr. J. Bruce Johnson

July 2015

Make Over Your medicine Cabinet with Essential Oils

June 2015

Food and Film Night:  Dirt! The Movie

May 2015

Easy Homemade Sauerkraut

April 2015

An Honest Look at Vaccines with Victoria Bloch, NC

March 2015

Potluck Luncheon in Victory Park:  Raising a Nourished Family

February 2015

An Introduction to Detoxification with Chapter Leader and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Karen Voelkening-Behegan

January 2015

Welcome Night:  Bring a Friend and Share Your Story

December 2014

Review of the 15th Annual International Wise Traditions Conference