Past Meetings


Tues. Jan 31stPhysically & Spiritually Nourishing Food with Farmer Randy Ramsley from Mesa Farm, Caineville, Utah [& Recipe Exchange]  MC: Aaron | VENUE: Culture Club 101, Pasadena

Wed. Feb. 22ndMesoamerican Night:  Traditional Tamales featuring Mesoamerican & Southwest Desert Food Plants with Elizabeth Voth & Ingrid Gutierrez [& Recipe Exchange] MC: Joy | VENUE: Culture Club 101, Pasadena

Tues. March 28thUsing Western & Eastern Philosophy, Manual Therapy, and Nutrition to Achieve Successful Outcomes for Lower Back Pain and Disc Problems with Dr. Yvonne Ramirez, DPT [& Recipe Exchange] MC: Karen | VENUE: Nature Friends Lodge, Sierra Madre

Tues. April 25thEarth Day-Dessert Day-Chapter Birthday Meeting!  [& Recipe Exchange] MC: Aaron | VENUE: Nature Friends Lodge, Sierra Madre

Sat. May 20th  Family Potluck Picnic MC: Gabrielle | VENUE: Victory Park, Pasadena

Wed. May 31stNourishing Herbal Infusions for Health and Wellness with Christina Chan  [& Recipe Exchange]  MC: Joy | VENUE: Nature Friends Lodge, Sierra Madre

Thurs. June 29thMake & Take Barter Night with Chapter Co-Leader Sherwood!  [& Recipe Exchange]  MC: Sherwood | VENUE: Nature Friends Lodge, Sierra Madre

Tues. July 25th −  Jewish Ethnic Night with Chapter Co-Leaders Gabrielle Klein-Meijia and Aaron Zober  [& Recipe Exchange]  MC: Aaron | VENUE: Nature Friends Lodge, Sierra Madre

Wed. Aug. 30thFilipino Night with Chapter Co-Leader Joy de los Santos-Farrar  [& Recipe Exchange]  MC: Joy | VENUE: Nature Friends Lodge, Sierra Madre

Thurs. Sept 28thOktoberfest and German Sausage-Making Demo with Elizabeth Voth  [& Recipe Exchange]  MC: Sherwood | VENUE: Nature Friends Lodge, Sierra Madre

Tues. Oct 24thHalloween Party and  “Dare to Ask a Chapter Leader” Town Hall  [& Recipe Exchange]  MCs: Karen, Joy, Aaron, & Sherwood | VENUE: Nature Friends Lodge, Sierra Madre

Wed. Nov 29th2nd Annual Gratitude Potluck and Wise Traditions Conference Review   [& Recipe Exchange]  MC: Sherwood | VENUE: Nature Friends Lodge, Sierra Madre

Thurs. Dec. 21st − Bring a Friend and Share Your Story Holiday Celebration  [& Recipe Exchange]  MC: Karen | VENUE:  A private residence.  To receive the address, RSVP to:, 626-836-5053


January 2016 − What About the Birds?! It’s About Sustainability, People

February 2016 − Food and Film Night: Healing Quest Interview with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez  

March 2016  −  Food and Film Night: Michael Pollan’s (In Defense of Food) “Cooked” Netflix Documentary Series              

April 2016 − How to Stock a Clean Eating/WAPF Fridge and Pantry with Aaron Zober of the Appropriate Omnivore  Blog and Podcast             

May 2016 − Food and Film Night: “FED Up”         

June 2016 − An Alternative Look at Cancer with Integrative Health Coach Tina Thornton 

July 2016 −  Chiropractic Care and Your Health with Dr. Chris and Dr. Adana 

August 2016 − “Healing Through Food and Lifestyle”
with “The Heal Your Gut Cookbook” author Hilary Boynton

September 2016 − “The Amazing Benefits of Bone Broth”
with Chef Lance Roll (aka: “The Flavor Chef”) , Founder of “The Brothery”     

October 2016 − Community Recipe Exchange

November 2016 − GRATITUDE Potluck (Food, Farming and the Healing Arts)

December 2016 − HOLIDAY Get-Together and Year in Review                                                                                    


December 2015 Holiday Get-Together and Year-in-Review

November 2015 16th International Wise Traditions Conference Review

October 2015 Taking the Scary Out of Halloween Treats
with Aaron Zober of the Appropriate Omnivore Blog and Podcast

September 2015 Gluten-Free Baking and Lifestyle
Suzanne Peters of Enjoy! Grain Free and Real Food Lifestyles

August 2015 Weston A. Price – 76 Years Later
J. Bruce Johnson, DDS

July 2015 Make Over Your Medicine Cabinet With Essential Oils
Justine Campbell, RD, NTP of Alo Wellness

June 2015 Dirt! The Movie

May 2015 Easy Homemade Sauerkraut

April 2015 An Honest Look at Vaccines
Victoria Bloch, NC

March 2015 Raising a Nourished Family
WAPF-Pasadena, Our Little Market, and Rosann Volmert, D.O.

February 2015 An Introduction to Detoxification
Karen Voelkening-Behegan, NTP, CGP

January 2015 Bring a Friend and Share Your Story Welcome Night
Joy de los Santos-Farrar (in loving memory of Val Jean Farrar)


December 2014 Review of the 15th International Wise Traditions Conference with Joy de los Santos-Farrar and Chanlee Sutoyo

November 2014 “GMO OMG” Film & Food Night with Urban Homestead

October 2014 Organic Olive Oil Farming and the Farm Experience
Michael O’Brien of Paso Gold

September 2014 “Made with Two Sisters’ Love:” The Story of Virgin Raw’s Bee Panacea
Monika Kozdrowiecka and Gosia Reed of Virgin Raw Foods

August 2014 Preserving a Homegrown Way of Life
Dervaes Family of Urban Homestead

July 2014 Real Food on a Budget
Ann Marie Michaels of Village Green Network

June 2014 Sustainable Seafood for Californians
Ryan Bigelow of Seafood Watch

May 2014 Introduction to Natural Vision Improvement
Carlos Moreno of Centered Vision

April 2014 All About Bees: Their Health, Their Hives and Their Honey
Melinda Nelson of Buzz ‘Round Town

March 2014 Nutrition from a Doctor’s Perspective: The Benefits of Ozone and Glutathione Therapy
Yoshi Rahm, DO of Oasis Family Medicine

February 2014 It’s All About the Food
John De Bruin, Rancher & Grass Farmer of Dey Dey’s Best Beef Ever

January 2014 Movie Night
In Organic We Trust


December 2013 End-of-Year Celebration with our Friends at the LA Chapter with More Perspectives on the Wise Traditions Conference

November 2013 Review of 14th Annual Wise Traditions Conference
Karen Voelkening-Behegan and Aaron Zober

October 2013 Introduction to Organ Meats, Their Health Benefits and Preparation with Karen Voelkening-Behegan, NTP, and Rosann Volmert, DO

September 2013 Movie Night Statin Nation

August 2013 Paleo-Friendly Gluten-Free Fun Food
with Suzanne Peters of Real Food Lifestyle

July 2013 Introduction to Backyard Chickens and Primal Pastures
Paul Greives of Primal Pastures

June 2013 Kombucha Workshop
with Hannah CrumThe Kombucha Mamma

May 2013 Newbie Night:  Bring a Friend, Share your Story, Meet Our Chapter Leaders, and Learn about the Work of Weston A. Price
Sam Cooper

April 2013 3rd Anniversary Potluck Dinner, Introducing our New Chapter Co-Leader, Aaron Zober, and the Film American Meat

March2013 Biodynamic Composting Demo
with Jack McAndrew & Susan Hardman

February 2013 Russian/Eastern European Night

January 2013 The Wonders (and Politics!) of Palm Oil
Jolie Assina of Coconut Cow


December 2012 End-of-Year Celebration with DVD of Weston A. Price Foundation Segments from Season 10 of Healing Quest as seen on Public Television

November 2013 Review of 13th Annual Wise Traditions Conference

October 2013 Soil Fertility and High Brix Nutrient-Dense Produce
with Jamil Avdiyev

September 2013 Movie Night Genetic Roulette

August 2013 News from the Pasadena Farmers Market
with Daphne Sterling

July 2013 East Asian Night with Sam & Jeannette Wu, marinated pork stir fry demo; and Jaye Park, Korean buckwheat noodle salad demo

June 2013 Movie Night Farmageddon

May 2013 GMO-free Smoothies with Olivia Behegan, AND … Status Update on California’s GMO Ballot Initiative and Good Responses to Pro-GMO (Anti-Labeling) Arguments with Kim Clymer-Kelley, Local GMO-Ballot-Initiative Leader

April 2013 Tropical Night: Traditional Cuisine from Central America
with Mima from El Salvador

March 2013 Status Report on the Arroyo Food Coop 
Patrick Reagan, Arroyo Food Co-op AND … Non-Reactive Cookware and How to Minimize Toxic Exposure during Food Preparation
Gina Gonzales, CEO of Cooking for Health

February 2013 Biological Dentistry in the Weston A. Price Tradition
J. Bruce Johnson, D.D.S.

January 2013 Italian Night: Traditional Cuisine from Italy with Suzanne Peters Theresa Cardinali


December 2011 Raw Milk & the Raw Milk Institute (RAWMI) with Stacy Pearson, Vice President of RAWMI

November 2011 Review of 12th Annual Wise Traditions Conference

October 2011 German Night: Traditional Cuisine from Germany with Karen Völkening-Behegan

September 2011 Natural Meats & the USDA with Simon Caleb of Creston Valley Meats

August 2011 Deconstructing Modern Myths with David Barker

July 2011 Homemade Kimchee Demo with Jaye Park

June 2011 Share the Raw Milk Secret with Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures

May 2011 Grass-Fed Beef with Frank Fitzpatrick of 5-Bar Beef

April 2011 Communications Workshop: Working our Nutrient-Dense Message
with Ruth Failer of Best Tips of the Trade

March 2011 Cultured Dairy Demonstration with Monica FordReal Food Devotee

February 2011 Sweeteners, with Rosann Volmert, D.O. & Elaina Luther of Culture Club 101

January 2011 Newbie Night: Bring a Friend & Share Your Story

January 18, 2011

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December 2010 End-of-Year Celebration

November 2010 Review of 11th Annual Wise Traditions Conference
Elaina Luther of Culture Club 101

October 2010 Cod Liver Oil with Rosann Volmert, D.O.

September 2010 Grass-Fed Beef with John de Bruin of Dey Dey’s Best Beef Ever

August 2010 News from the Arroyo Food Coop with Patrick Reagan, Founder of the Arroyo Food Coop

July 2010 Sauerkraut Demo with Elaina Luther of Culture Club 101

June 2010 The Oiling of America – DVD of Sally Fallon’s Lecture

May 2010 Egg Demo with Eric Rice

April 2010 Our First Meeting Ever! – Introductions

November 2008

Founding of the Pasadena Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation by Karen Voelkening-Behegan