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Membership is not required to participate in chapter activities, however we highly recommend that all participants join the Weston A. Price Foundation. Some of the benefits you’ll received include:

  • Quarterly journal: Wise Traditions in Food, Farming, and the Healing Arts: A lively journal with cutting-edge articles on current scientific research, human diets, pasture-based agriculture, holistic therapies, legislative updates, legal issues, as well as sources of nutrient-dense foods. (You can opt out of the paper version if you’d like and read it online.)
  • 12-Spoons restaurant rating project:  Find restaurants serving healthy food near you.  For WAPF members only! (Coming soon)
  • WAPF members-only Facebook private group page: In addition to our public Facebook page, we offer a private group Facebook page to members only.
  • Annual Shopping Guide: A thoroughly researched booklet that fits into your pocket or purse and ranks products in three categories: best, good and avoid. It includes meat, seafood, dairy, nuts, grains, fats and oils, sweeteners, soups, fruits and vegetables, snacks, bread and beverages.
  • Informative brochures: One copy each of our dietary guidelines booklet and our ten trifold brochures covering the topics butter, cholesterol, cancer, cod liver oil, soy dangers, real milk, sugar, vegetarianism, mental health and trans fats. These are a great way for you to join us in teaching others.
  • Discount tuition: Attend the Wise Traditions International Conference, the nation’s premier conference on diet and health, at a discounted rate.
  • Timely email information and action alerts.

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You will also be proud to support an organization that champions the following issues:

  • Raw Milk: WAPF has worked to make raw milk available in almost every state!
  • Pasture-Raised Food: Our chapter system helps you find these nutrient-dense foods in your area.
  • Timeless Information: We provide information based on traditional dietary wisdom so you can be guided by what has nourished people for millennia, and not by food-industry propaganda.
  • Healthy Babies: We give you the information to achieve the greatest of gifts–vibrant, healthy children!
  • Yearly Shopping Guide: Our guide helps you find healthy food online, in health food stores and even in grocery stores.
  • A Community of Like-Minded People: We help you connect with others seeking a healthy lifestyle.
  • Comprehensive Website: We maintain the most visited alternative nutrition website

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